A “Made in Italy” treat for your eyes and palate

The NUMBS brand was born out of a combination of a long experience in fine dining, exceptional locations in the city centre of Rome and of the initiative of young entrepreneurs. NUMBS branded restaurants are located in the heart of Rome, in locations which have been drenched in history and culture for hundreds of years, but are also dynamic and sophisticated modern hotspots, such as the Spanish Steps and Campo De’ Fiori.

The central and heavily trafficked locations were carefully selected in order that our guests from around the world could appreciate the real “Made in Italy” experience, a concept which was of vital importance to us. In order to ensure that the traditional Roman and Mediterranean cuisine meets the expectations of our customers, NUMBS select only the best ingredients for use in our dishes, presented and served to the highest standards and in complete accordance with Italian tradition.

We are open from breakfast until late. Our international customers can enjoy not only a traditional Italian breakfast of cappuccino and croissant, but also a range of Continental and American breakfast options with a vast selection of pastries and French croissants. Lunch and dinner focus on the traditional Roman cuisine with a large range of starters, first and second courses according to Italian tradition. Our chefs also recommend a rich selection of Italian cheeses, cured meats, traditional Roman recipes consisting of artichokes (Carciofi alla Giudia) and meatballs (Polpette alla Romana), together with the most evocative recipes from the best Roman cuisine has to offer, such as: Carbonara, Amatriciana, Saltimbocca and much more.

The kitchen is open from 11am to 1.30am with a wide array of products in order to satisfy any tastes and the needs of all our customers. In the afternoon, you may like to take a break with a dessert, handmade ice cream or a glass of wine. NUMBS selects its wines from the best Italian wine cellars; we have more than 50 wine labels, most of them available by the glass.

After dinner you can enjoy a drink in any of our relaxing establishments, in addition to our extensive selection of cocktails, all exquisitely prepared and served by our professional bartenders. Enjoy!



A warm and welcoming location


In 2013 the NUMBS brand began developing and strengthening its unusual concept of catering, and we set our sights on opening a new bar and bakery in the new Tiburtina train station, with the aim of serving top class pastry products. The Tiburtina station is an importatant project in Rome, but also at national level, because it is one of the largest stations in Italy both for sheer size and for volume of passengers.

In 2014, NUMBS Bakery Café opened in the Tiburtina Station, honouring our principle of serving high quality products, and with the aim of providing a dining concept different to that of the usual station bars.

Throughout the day, our warm and welcoming location offers a wide range of sweet and savory products, an attractive kind of bar – the kind usually found in chic central squares rather than a railway station. Our “secret ingredient” is the combination of high quality of products and a sophisticated dining experience, which many of our visitors have already experienced.

Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, Numbs Bakery Café is always the best solution to fill up the wait before your train arrives… We hope you enjoy the experience and have a safe trip!